Our Journey Toward Sustainability



Our Mission/ Vision toward sustainability : Reduce / Re- Use /We-Grow  

Reduce  reduce the amount of waste in landfill 

Re-use  old or strips of unwanted fabric and thread them back and weave them into new fabric  

We-grow – Within this modern day society there is always new methods in creating a more ecofriendly material.  Resew House is always looking for new way to improve the way we fabric  


We are trying as best as we can to minimise our waste as little as possible 


How we make our vision come to life? 

 It all starts with a conservative production according to the most recent estimates in 2021 from Ellen Macarthur Foundation (click the link for more info) more than 20 million tonnes of fashion related waste are produced each year and will end up in our landfills. Resew House seeks to embrace a more eco- friendly supply chain.  The three main factors to help us grow are: 


1: Our Fabrics  


Recycled Nylons 

Our active wear are made from recycled Nylon which has been tested though a system called global recycled standard. These farbics are made from strips of unwanted fabrics from a garment factory which would probably end up at the land fill.  Our fabric company will then collect these fabrics and break them back down and yarn into our nylon fabric. 


Deadstock Fabric

We source our deadstock fabric from our partners factory in China those are the leftover fabrics from the garment factory who overestimated their needs. The factory will usually stock up these fabrics for a few season and afterward it will end up at the landfill.  We then recreate them into clothes before they are discarded as waste.  Since these material are deadstock those fabric usually have limited amount which makes it more unique since once stock is used up then that batch of clothes cannot be reproduced. 


2: Waste  

Fast fashion industries have tendencies to over produce their products due to factories having minimal quantity order(MOQ). Our partner factory excluded this MOQ for us which mean we only produce in small batch orders to sell to avoid unnecessary waste.  Our factory donate part of our left over fabric to a local care house in Macau those fabric will be use for cleaning. 


3: Production  

Ethically made in China/ Macau 

Our products are made in China and the factories has been working for big brand name companies in United State for the past 27 years.  They have learned a great amount of skills to produce high quality products for us.  Workers will be working in a comfortable working environment that have a build in canteen to provide fresh food daily and air conditioned working environment is also available during summer along with heater system during the winter seasons.  No children under the age 18 below will be working at this factory along with two weeks holiday during Chinese new years. Labors also have paid holiday according to Chinese / Macau government rule along with overtime.  


About Resew House 

 We want to create a brand that is good for our precious mother earth and create a healthy and happy life style for each and everyone of you.  Over 80% of our products come from a recycle base and deadstock fabric, and the other 20% including the pad and other material are not eco material, we are trying to make everything as eco friendly as possible so for the next few years our aim is to get the other 20% material into eco friendly base as possible.   





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